Ma Huateng also hit a little time to do business

Ma Huateng also hit: a little

do business in time

news July 16th, Tencent is Chinese leading pioneer Internet companies, basically as long as the benefits of things, the Tencent never pull the empty, and as the leader of the penguin Ma Huateng will know the truth, but a big plate is powerless when take the electricity supplier, Ma Huateng was playing up.

Tencent had built their own business platform "pat", Ma Huateng seems to be with the electricity supplier of spring fishing again, but it didn’t work, pat in May last year, the Tencent officially announced the withdrawal of electricity provider holding company, the Tencent business real business and Jingdong, O2O business with WeChat virtual business group. The business enterprise development business group, movie ticket business into social networking business group, customer service team into the technology group.

in order to catch up with Jingdong and Ali, Ma Huateng spent a lot of thought on the electricity supplier, in order to install their own electricity supplier platform, the acquisition of Yi xun. But the industry specializing in surgery, to 2013, the Tencent business platform trading volume is only 37 billion yuan, the Jingdong transactions amounted to 125 billion 500 million yuan, Ali compared to 15400 yuan, the Tencent for the Jingdong business income of 14.13%, Ali 0.02%.

from this point of view, the layout of the electricity supplier Ma Huateng this failure, and this is just an episode of Tencent to establish an empire industry.

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