E-commerce is more important to maintain customer loyalty

1 e-commerce to maintain customer loyalty is more important

in e-commerce, customer loyalty refers to the Internet users like to visit your site, and is willing to use your site to provide goods and services. When the customer has the demand in this area, the first thought is to visit your site. This includes not only the technical application of the problem, but also contains a variety of factors such as consumer psychology. It is especially important for e-commerce to maintain the loyalty of Web site visitors. The online business explosive development, even a lot of famous enterprises, if you do not have a relatively stable customer groups, it will inevitably be in danger of being a vast expanse of water flooded the site.

on the one hand, the site needs to be carefully designed to represent the image of the home page on the site, on the other hand, according to the needs of different browsers to locate their services. One of the great advantages of online marketing is that companies do not have to spend a lot of money to improve customer loyalty. Through the network and customer database, the company can analyze the consumer behavior, find out who is the most promising 20% customers who bring the most profit, demand, most consistent with the value you provide customers. Then companies can design a complete set of e-commerce solutions for them to strengthen the relationship with these customers.

2 customer loyalty strategy

in the final analysis, customer loyalty comes mainly from the satisfaction of e-commerce services, and a customer satisfaction will lead to many potential customers. Therefore, the strategy of maintaining customer loyalty is the extension of the first principle. It is the result of the comprehensive application of many strategies introduced in this chapter.

(1) attach importance to web design to attract customers

companies should pay attention to the design of web pages, regardless of the size, especially the use of the interaction between the website and the user. Therefore, the network portal must provide BBS, forums, chat rooms and other services. In this regard, the full use of interactive and real-time reflect the emotional factors of the virtual community is the best choice for the network portal. NetEase main push virtual community registered 45 thousand people within 12 days, a great success.

(2) to provide satisfactory service to retain customers

satisfactory service is an integrated concept and complete process. For example, it is an important way to keep track of orders or to sell goods. Customers generally want to get timely and proper treatment after ordering the goods. In e-commerce, it is often said that the information provided in the process of delivering goods is more important than the delivery of the goods themselves." Since the customer is ordered by the Internet, you should also use the network to track the customer’s order until the goods are delivered to the customer.

in the realization of the rapid delivery of goods at the same time, the customer inquires the order of e-mail should be quick response. It’s better to be before they ask questions

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