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  domain name registration Basics

a glossary: domain name A MX CNAME TTL record record record

        1, what is domain name resolution?

                domain name resolution is the domain name of the international domain name or the domain name and the domain name of the Chinese domain name to do after the conversion to the IP address. IP address is on the network to identify your site’s digital address, in order to simply remember, use the domain name instead of the IP address. Domain analysis is done by the DNS server.

        2, what is the A record?

              A (Address) record is used to specify the host name (or domain name) corresponding to the IP address record. Users can point to the domain name server to their web server. At the same time you can also set your domain name two domain name.

        3, what is the MX record?

              mail routing record, the user can be the domain name of the mail server to their mail server, and then you can control all the mailbox settings. You only need to fill in the IP address of your server online, you can transfer all of your domain name to your own mail server.

        4, what is the CNAME record?

              alias record. This record allows you to map multiple names to the same computer. A computer that is commonly used to provide both WWW and MAIL services. For example, there is a computer named "" (A).     it also provides WWW and MAIL services, in order to facilitate user access services. You can set two aliases (CNAME) for this computer: WWW and MAIL. The full names of these two aliases are and". In fact they all point to "".

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