Taobao 11 pairs of children’s toys Venue sellers need to exceed the credibility of the 4 drill


] October 14th news billion state power network, according billion state power network understanding, double 11 Carnival Taobao Kids Toy venue layout and investment details has been exposed.

learned billion state power network, a total of 265 children’s toys venue pit, composed of Seaview rooms, brand wall, children’s category, children’s toys category, category of the 5 parts. The sea view room has 8 children, 4 children’s pit pit pit and 4 toys. The wall is made up of two parts: the famous brand and the style brand, and the two parts have each of the 7 pits.


children’s toys venue floor set

on in the venue of the brand wall or Seaview area sellers are proposed requirements: the well-known sellers of regional brand wall mainly according to the first half of 2014 turnover ranked seller audit. Selected in the Seaview sellers dual 11 day guaranteed turnover should reach 2 million, and to set the applicable commodity store coupons.


brand wall seller and sea view room seller qualification requirements said, Seaview rooms, floors, each sub category brand wall and other parts commodity display rules are from random initial carousel to sort according to the number of sales during the show during the warm-up period goods added to the shopping cart and official activities.

According to the

exposure event page display, Taobao double 11 Kids Toy venue this year is the main category of children’s clothing, children, children’s shoes, shoes, toys, parent-child model, animation, education, educational.

Taobao to register to participate in the activities of the meeting of the seller put forward more stringent requirements. Previously due to selling and violated the rules of the seller can not participate in this event, the seller’s credit rating must be more than 4 shops drilling, three dynamic score must also meet certain requirements. And participate in the activities of the number of goods inventory must be more than 500, providing the national postal service. 11 pairs of Taobao business qualification and product specific requirements as shown in the following figure.