Tmall micro-blog 618 mobile phone pre code gleaned 20 minutes robbed 10 thousand yards


technology news June 16th evening news, micro-blog and Tmall jointly launched the "1 Penny exclusive Tmall T code" activities, only 20 minutes, 10 thousand day, 618 in the Tmall mobile phone purchase T code was looted. This is the first time the two sides to carry out such commercial cooperation.

relevant person in charge of the event, said the payment conversion rate of T code is higher than 90%, far more than millet. Previously, millet has repeatedly through micro-blog F code of social marketing.

It is reported that

, T code is the Tmall TMALL code for short, is a group of Tmall issued alphanumeric 16 qualification code, after the user successfully bind the goods, you can get 618 points that day 0-1, the priority right to buy mobile phone explosion spot. This year, due to Tmall will focus on mobile phones and other resources in a single category of mobile phones, Tmall is the largest city in the promotion of the most competitive category, while participating businesses are covering almost all major manufacturers.


Electric City page, the 618 day, including ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Coolpad, apple, millet, Meizu, TCL, vivo, oppo and other more than and 10 brands of mobile phone models are nearly 20 will be extremely preferential price, while consumers can grab a T code and the first 1 hours of purchase.

as of 16 PM, at about 17, the people involved in T code snapped up together to divide up the Tmall platform released nearly one million T code. But on the evening of 16 to become the last 10 thousand in the micro-blog 1 cent panic buying micro-blog exclusive T code, each T code also comes with 50 yuan Tmall envelopes and other interests, attract many users save character in a last ditch and eventually created a new record of such sales.

insiders pointed out that Tmall will scarce years to promote the mobile phone T code in Tmall micro-blog exclusive, with micro-blog pay for this tool, so consumers do not have to jump to Tmall, you can quickly complete the payment in social media channels and share. This is the two sides around the user needs to launch more suitable for social marketing products. It is said that micro-blog is working with ALI group of companies, plans to create an unprecedented virtual platform for users to bring more convenience to users.

today evening, Alibaba (scroll information) group updated prospectus shows that in fiscal year 2014 Tmall GMV total of $505 billion. In the first quarter of 2014, Tmall single quarter GMV reached 135 billion yuan, an increase of more than the same period last year by 91%. (munan)