VANCL to enter the old brewing two business women’s market


VANCL founder and CEO Chen

news June 22nd, the domestic garment enterprises VANCL B2C (Eslite) quietly launched called BRA-T dress series on its website. The product is popular in Japan, France and other global markets, in 2008 sales of more than 11 million pieces, which is the first time the mainland garment enterprises to introduce the series of products.

according to industry analysts believe that, VANCL launched BRA-T series of products, is intended to enter the market capacity of the great women’s market, which is also a subversion of the VANCL men’s brand image.

‘s huge market capacity, the two venture

Vintage brewing

is reported that the biggest feature of the BRA-T series of products is the underwear BRA and suspenders, vests, T-Shirts, combined with personal comfort, health and environmental protection, fashion sexy features. The product is popular in Japan, France and other international markets, annual sales of more than 11 million sets. The VANCL cooperation with the Japanese clothing company, intended to BRA-T fashion swept across china.

VANCL first impression to the public is the men’s clothing brand, the first launch of the men’s shirts had 68 yuan low price and the high quality of the major manufacturers of the garment industry. Chen has said publicly that the dress is difficult to standardize, not suitable for the B2C platform. The BRA-T series into a strong woman, it is important to pay attention to the annual sales of tens of millions of women’s online shopping market.

not long ago, the old have privately said: "our new product recently launched, will be truly subversive attitude to the garment industry completely shocked." Industry analysts said: VANCL into the women’s market, will invest heavily to attract millions of female Internet users, in order to achieve the original sensation when entering the men’s market, its significance as much as the two venture.

VANCL the rapid expansion of the new strategy are looming

from the VANCL official website to see, BRA-T Series in the two week during the promotion only sell $39, but is 99 yuan, 3, after the restoration of the original price in two weeks. Such a strategy can quickly open up emerging markets, so as to achieve rapid expansion.

in the product category, the reporter found on the VANCL website in addition to the men’s shirts, T-Shirts, pants, underwear, added shoes, Home Furnishing, women’s and children’s clothing and other varieties, the product line is more and more abundant, provide more choices for users of online shopping.

it is worth noting that, with the launch of the BRA VANCL series clothing named BRA-T, as a new product series VANCL appear. According to insiders, this is the first step in the new fashion VANCL internal start strategy, there will be more products in the future.

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