How to create a market for customers in the ecological farm


and friends founded the ecological farm project after two years of training, has now entered into a profitable stage, due to the "ecological farm", there may be a lot of friends had not heard of, but in many places it has become one of the most popular rich project and entrepreneurial projects, characteristics and advantages of it lies in the face the current food safety worrying environment, more and more people have been aware of the importance of food safety, gradually turn to organic products, is produced by planting and production process without pesticides and other harmful substances, contracting a certain area of land cultivation as origin of organic vegetables, specialized production and sales, this is the core meaning of ecological the farm project, at the same time it also has many development projects, such as the real version with a happy farm and popular city families " Happy farm project, as well as the farmhouse project, which are based on the product extension.


had been years of experience in the Internet, and friends to do the natural ecological farm project cannot do without using the network topic, especially in the early stage of development is facing problems to find customers, more is to look into the active network, like us from the network business to entrepreneurship and offline friends in a few, write some of our experiences and problems, and more is to have the same experience or interest to offline business friends to communicate and learn from each other, today to talk about is the focus of how we use the network to find customers and create a market, are some practical targeted the skills and practices.

uses local forums to find customers and market enlightenment

we site within 1 hours from the big city suburb, ecological farm management target population is local to the big city, so the network marketing will first find the famous local local forum, by paying the way of cooperation, made a soft top posts in the forum, we introduced organic vegetable farm happy farm and farm products etc.. I think that the legitimate advertising is the first step, the more important thing is that the latter maintenance:

is in the content of the post editors should pay attention to and pay attention to realistic illustrations, pictures and text attractive, let a person see the purpose, this is the first step of success; two is to monitor the feedback often inside the post, the people put forward to timely reply, do maintenance; three is to carry out long-term implicit marketing in the forum, through the sharing of ecological farm organic vegetable growth process and farm scenery photos, increase the exposure rate, arouse people’s interest and attention. When the initial development must be experiencing market enlightenment stage, so we need to actively publicize and introduce the characteristics and advantages of more people, to the introduction of ecological farm products, food safety problems in today’s background it will resonate, get more customers intent.


to the mother and child forum to the customer to seize all potential opportunities