The realization of virtual host network Chinese direct binding domain

      China civilink reporters from the office was informed that the network access to new breakthroughs in the Chinese DNS binding technology, Chinese domain can directly bind to the analysis of the virtual host, the virtual host has the full realization of all Chinese binding domain support. It is reported that only two large registered service providers can achieve this technical support.According to the introduction of

, Chinese DNS binding technology means that the Chinese domain has been completely independent of the domain name English, direct binding virtual host to analyze and link, and can bring customers very good speed experience. But before this, the user is registered Chinese domain names, and can not realize direct binding to the host, but want to register a domain name domain name English English, will be bound to the host, through the "forward" in order to achieve Chinese domain access to the site, in the process Chinese domain user experience and website login is not very good.

so, what is the meaning of the direct binding of Chinese domain name?

at present, a large number of government websites, news sites and enterprise website has opened the Chinese.CN domain name, as long as the browser address bar in the direct input, you can access the site as the English domain name. In fact, as early as 2000 Chinese domain name has been born. At the time English domain name under the domination of the country, English number only about 400 million, and about as many as 1 billion 500 million people in the world Chinese therefore appear Chinese domain carrying more aspects of national significance.

Chinese domain name system technology research and application are still in the initial stage of exploration, making the Chinese domain name on the user to form a dependence on the English domain name. All technical staff: through direct binding Chinese domain to the virtual host, will eventually Chinese domain free completely from dependence on English domain name, now Chinese million net DNS binding speed in about 10 minutes, the speed with English have much difference, to the user experience is the same the customer, from the technical level from the use of the domain name Chinese concerns."

Chinese domain name to achieve a direct binding to get rid of the dependence on the English domain name, but also pave the way for its marketing and application. At present, 150 million China users, most still used to Chinese input, and the memory of Chinese domain good, congenital advantage of combination of direct binding technology, user experience has been significantly improved after a period of rapid development Chinese domain is also coming.

nets as vice president Zhou Mao introduced: "Chinese domain is a fully consistent with the Chinese habits of domain name, and the implementation of the global access, so the application environment of Chinese domain has matured. At present, Chinese and English have realized the customer experience no difference, this should be another opportunity for the development of Chinese domain names. Civilink as service provider companies, of course, hope that more enterprises to participate in, to jointly promote the development of Chinese domain. At the same time, all is to remind enterprises, registered in the Chinese domain, from their own needs, authority, security.