Micro business circle of friends mask hands 4 times, prices soared

really fire? "Making software with a record of the transaction, the transaction time and transaction amount, even the names of the two sides, write what I want." Really rich, although the money is not well-off, but because of the quality of life to rely on the development of offline, then buy a luxury to find a friend to borrow money." The two agents from an agent, eventually sold to consumers, a box of mask in the circle of friends, handled five agents, worth soared from 85 yuan rose to 218 yuan.



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however, the effect of this mask exactly how, an agent said that the level of their own heart is not the spectrum. This is not "cheap", perhaps can not be called "Wumart" mask sales is "leverage". In a micro business circle of friends, is full of "Qizaotanhei delivery" "orders to fly" and "money received hand cramps" content. However, who sell the mask in the circle of friends of micro agents Lee was exposed, seeing may not be as real as long as a software download, transaction time, the amount of orders, even on both sides of trade name, "write what I want."

WeChat business

box mask several times to buy 10 boxes is authorized agent

June 12th, reporters on a film named Fensini national distributor of public number in WeChat. According to the public to provide contact information, the reporter wanted to do micro business agent on the grounds of contact with a large area on behalf of the total Tian Zhen (a pseudonym). As long as you buy 10 boxes, you can get official authorization." Tian Zhen said.

According to

, the agent of the brand is divided into the total generation, 123 agents and distributors of these several levels, different levels of threshold amount is also different. Level agents need to pay 39800 yuan agency threshold amount, the level of $16800, the lower the level, the lower the threshold amount, distributors only need to pay 2000 yuan.

Tian Zhen suggested that, if the hands of funds, and friends more, can get some goods, do a little higher level agents, "the higher the level, the purchase price is cheap". With the brand of a skincare mask as an example, an agent for the purchase price of 85 yuan per box, two to 100 yuan, three 115 yuan, 130 yuan if the distributors, retail, which is 10 boxes, a box is 218 yuan.

lower the more earn more income than wages several times higher than

the price is up to you, but the senior agent purchasing price is low, the selling price is relatively low, the volume is also large, small profits." Tian Zhen said that the high level of agents, you can recruit low-level agents, they are getting goods from you, the lower the recruitment agency, the more you earn. >