See how to defend their strongman domain name rights

domain name, valuable things. Especially with related enterprises such as trademark, no more words. However, if others a lawsuit with you some day in the future to the domain name? Let us look at the court record.

Party A: domain owner, defendant.

Party B: an enterprise, plaintiff.

Subject: Party A Party B

registered a product name as the domain name. Party B requests the court to return the domain name.

after the fact that each argument, free debate began.

B: we according to the relevant regulations, urge the judge will be the domain name to our.

Party A: your honor, I am a webmaster, engage in technology, do not understand what the law, said the wrong please forgive me. From a professional point of view, the domain name is to solve the problem on the Internet address corresponding to a method, is a technical term. That is to say, "Xiongmao" is not "on the Internet TV" Panda "Panda", nor "zoo panda", the understanding on the Internet "Xiongmao" is only composed of 8 English letter code, although it was spelled out the "Panda", but not "presumption of guilt" I registered the domain name is because that "Panda" is the brand name cybersquatting, of course, if our legal use is "presumption of guilt" principle, I have nothing to say, but in fact, I registered the domain name by coincidence, you know, I spent a week was the combination of a people that has not been registered code – xiongmao.

B: however, the domain name is not a simple technical term, it has been defined as a number of norms as a "social noun", and how can you simply explain it from a technical point of view?

: This is a party, only know a fundamental principle of domain name registration: first note first.

Party B: there are trademark law in china.

Party A:.Com does not seem to belong to our country.

B: do you mean that the judge is Chinese people can not control this thing?

Party A: your honor, I want to smoke.


: smoking is not allowed in court.

Party A: Yes, your honor. Excuse me, your honor, is the principle of trademark law the first note first?


: yes.

Party A: then ask the judge, the relevant provisions of the domain name is the first note first, right?


: yes.

Party A: would you ask the judge, is it the same thing for women to buy tickets and not to line up?


: it’s not the same thing.

Party A: the name of the domain name management organization shall be the first note first principle and the trademark management agency first place first priority principle which should be priority?


: they are not the same organization, and there is no problem with you.

Party A: so, if the "trademark law" or "ladies first" principle