What is the difference between fast – moving products and low frequency products in O2O distribution

all business behavior is to make profit for the purpose, and profit is the premise of commodity sales. So, no matter how the enterprises changing marketing means, in what way in front of the crowd, the purpose is to giggle and flirt "sales, profit. Commodity sales to the mobile Internet era, has been derived from a variety of ways. Which network distribution model is now competing to expand sales.


distribution is the meaning of the establishment of sales channels, that is, products sold to consumers through a certain channel. From this point of view, any kind of sales can be called distribution. That is, the distribution of products from the production site to the location of the sales process, the product must be through a certain distribution mode to reach the hands of consumers.

today, the electricity supplier will give you a detailed introduction of the network age, several types of commodity distribution.

1, three level distribution system

has the source of the brand in the distribution platform to recruit the development of three distributors, each level distributors can then develop the next level of distributors two. The three level of distribution is the core of the most attractive place is: three level distribution, infinite fission circle theory, distributors can be infinite fission, and then you can enjoy the downline to sell products.

this way can also be described as a network of agents for personal shop. The supplier to their goods display in the distribution platform to shop did not supply the user apply to become suppliers and distributors, distributors to phase goods pictures and add information to set up their own online shop, when the customer needs, introduce goods distributors and contribute to the success of the transaction, and then notify the supplier for delivery of the Shang dynasty.

mainly depends on the distribution of revenue profit distributors. In general, the supplier can be unified distribution of profits, you can also customize every level of profit. Each distributor of the lower distributors to sell goods, the higher the distributor can get promotion commission, but the promotion of up to two commission. Promotion Commission and sales commission model, both to stimulate distributors to develop distribution, sales of goods, but also for the foundation of the large fission model. Distribution to individuals, is a "zero risk" entrepreneurial model.

in the traditional sales channel model, layers of channels, marketing efficiency, consumption time, but also affect the product price system. While the three level distribution, suppliers set up different grades on the distribution of different distributors, profit distribution and incentive mechanism, not only to expand the distribution team, also greatly accelerate the transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs, thereby expanding the scale of sales.

here also need to introduce the three level distribution system in the agent distribution, wholesale distribution model changes.

agent distribution

network agent for enterprise shop. This means that all of the third party platforms with network trading capabilities, all of these agents to the terminal