Taobao mobile phone by voice search cut line to create super APP

[review] double 11 grades this year for Alibaba began to pay more attention to the future of e-commerce in the wireless terminal may.


Tencent science and technology news (Liang Chen) November 26th news, Alibaba is about to launch in the 28 year of this year’s third major revision of the phone Taobao client, which will increase the voice search and life circle and other functions. This matter shows that, following the Tencent and Baidu, one of China’s Internet giant Alibaba will enter the field of voice technology three.

just a few days ago, because iFLYTEK voice technology is of public concern has just released its mobile Internet strategy, and the mobile Internet division headquarters moved to Beijing from Hefei. Due to the recent rise of wearable devices, as well as the entrance of the mobile Internet competition, making the entire voice industry will enter the stage of intense competition.

Alibaba, director of the division of wireless business unit Shang Wen told Tencent technology, voice technology will become an important entrance of shopping, especially for the elderly market. Therefore, Alibaba must have its own independent technology.

Shang Wen said, "the Alibaba has been in nearly 1 years of hard speech technology, its current by a fire team in amoy".

Ali at iFLYTEK

it is understood that the main work team had a scouring eyes of fire is about search, its main products are called "Amoy fire" of the App, used for barcode scanning and scanning. In addition, in contact, Taobao mobile client and other products in the Department of Ali related to the scanning of the use of the scene, its technology comes from the team.

although last year, Alibaba has publicly said that no longer recruit new employees from the community, but Shang Wen said that at the beginning of this year had opened the window for the voice of the foreign recruitment of relevant personnel.

therefore, in the upcoming release of the 11.28 version of the phone Taobao client, voice search is an important highlight of the product in today’s communication conference to the media. Next, in terms of voice, Alibaba will continue to improve the semantic matching of speech.

Shang Wen told Tencent science and technology, which relates to the shopping related data is currently difficult to obtain a simple voice. That is to say, the Alibaba next competitors have been targeting iflytek.

in addition, in this revision, Alibaba’s main purpose is to create an entrance to the consumer, other features will be added as a plug-in form. This year, the results of 11 double Alibaba began to pay more attention to the possibility of future e-commerce in the wireless terminal.

wants to create super APP

Alibaba from the wireless side of the product adjustment point of view, and now it is more hope that the function will be more aggregation, trying to form a complete ecosystem through an application. However, this is not a new decision, just before the 2B side of the idea extends to 2C>