The national day price advance Gome online Pinnacle huge benefits on low tide

from September 15th to September 21st, the United States will usher in the traditional peak of the month to promote the activities of the big moment, including air conditioners, refrigerators, 3C digital appliances and other big promotion is the highlight. Although the Mid Autumn Festival after the temperature has dropped, but the south, high temperature is still continuing, therefore the national energy subsidies, the marriage room decoration and other multiple positive factors will continue to be sustained, as well as household appliances consumption, which led to the electricity supplier will also continue to include for air conditioners and refrigerators, household appliances sales promotion.

according to industry analysis, home appliance consumption will continue to heat or national day. In addition to the massive breakthrough bottom line price explosion models benchmark household appliances, Gome online also launched a heavy straight down, full capacity reduction and full capacity back multiple preferential measures, consumers only need to move the mouse, the right goods to start.


the United States online this moment "launched three major benefits: first, consumers purchase appliances full cut, can be reduced up to 5000 yuan, the biggest bright spot is the event, super full cut, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine and other categories of the largest promotional efforts. As in the air conditioning field, a large 1.5P Electrolux EAW35FD13BA1 fixed frequency air conditioner, the original price of 2599 yuan, the peak moment to promote the price as long as $1880, an increase of 719 yuan. In the "smart home" super panic buying links, Gome online provides special products for mass panic buying, such as air conditioning, television as long as the full 1000 minus 100; cross category full cut refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, full 1000 minus 50; in the television venue, a SANYO 40CE5100 40 inch color TV sales champion. The United States price of 1688 yuan, the market price of 1798110 yuan discount. Two, the benchmark price, the price expensive to lose, the highest straight down 2000 yuan; three, full fanquan, the highest return 2000 yuan, cash back hedging activities promotions Limited on September 18th, where the purchase orders accumulated in the United States online site or Gome online mobile phone client (during multi pen, comprising at least two categories of self all electrical goods) the amount actually paid back over 15000 yuan 1000 yuan, over 25000 yuan to return 2000 yuan.

throughout the domestic online shopping market, since the beginning of September, is busy to build overseas business platform, Ali will spend time in the New York listed Jingdong, have internal staff strike the case, only the peak of Gome online "moments" of the most powerful and influential, believe that the United States online "moment" to promote, will bring consumers a new shopping experience, the most affordable.