Five ways to optimize the payment process of foreign trade website construction

B2C e-commerce payment process is optimized, will directly affect the success rate of user purchase, thereby affecting the conversion rate of the site’s purchase. This is particularly important for the construction of foreign trade website owners, because foreign trade website construction process involves more complex payment. Here, we mainly discuss the method of optimizing the payment process.

a, compatible with a variety of payment methods

common payment methods are as follows:

credit card

debit card

paper check

bank transfer (transfer)


logistics collection (cash on delivery)

in addition, some foreign websites also support virtual currency, Telecom Card and other types of electronic money, prepaid game cards and other payment methods. Owners should be based on their own situation as well as the local consumer payment habits flexible choice of online and offline payment, as much as possible to allow users to have enough options to facilitate transactions.

two, guide users to use the recommended payment method

to guide the user to pay the account concentrated in one or several modes of payment, not only conducive to the webmaster, and owners can avoid higher rates of payment, reimbursement slower. Sometimes the order of payment under the adjustment of the display, and may also receive unexpected results. Webmasters can try to find the best way to arrange.

three, simplify the payment process

users click on a web page, traffic may be reduced by half. Therefore, to maximize the conversion rate of the site, the owners should be paid in the process of design efforts. Unnecessary steps are omitted, the steps can be merged together, all the users need to fill in the payment information on a web page is also a worthwhile choice.

four, enhanced payment security

paid for the foreign trade website, the most appropriate way is to directly pay station of bank card, through the third party payment interface, allowing users to directly fill in the credit card or debit card information can be completed in the end of the shopping process payment page. This payment does not need to lead the user to the shopping site, reducing the number of clicks, so the user experience will be better, the success rate will be higher. However, due to the presence of the user card information leaked concerns, webmasters should use some of the site security technology, and on the page to provide certification marks. For example, for the payment of the security of the VeriSign logo, the McAfee logo for system security, a level of security for the transmission of communication protocols, such as HTTPS.

five, prepare payment instructions and help documentation

because users do not necessarily understand the actual operation of various payment methods, it is necessary for the webmaster to help the center to write a special payment instructions page to tell