E-commerce website four ways to promote the construction of the website of prosperity

is now the electronic commerce has very big development, in the domestic Taobao, patted ah, then, in recent years there has emerged many new e-commerce sites, through the media propaganda and self construction achieved good success. Careful observation of these new e-commerce sites, I found that they are in the media publicity, website framework, offline activities, product information construction.

first, let’s talk about media publicity. We may wish to recall the 360buy Jingdong mall, some time ago, we can often see 360buy CCTV brand advertising. CCTV media influence. In addition, I also observed Jingdong mall in various local TV stations have also voted off advertising. For example, I am in Zhejiang, Jingdong mall in Zhejiang 6 channel people’s livelihood has also been put on the leisure of roughly a week of brand advertising.

analysis: you may have noticed, why is brand advertising. For such a large e-commerce site, the role of the TV media is more limited to the popularity of a brand. And e-commerce sites really want to achieve profitability or to return to the main battlefield of our network. From an example of this, for our personal webmaster, need to make use of the traditional media brand influence. In other words, if you want to become a big brand website, we must spread the core concept of enterprises.

furthermore, we go on to say the web framework. The site’s home page framework for an e-commerce site is very critical. At this point, we may wish to learn about the boss of e-commerce – Taobao. Into the Taobao site, the layout is also very obvious rules. The site all Taobao’s Web services are placed in the navigation under the left most, so the framework of product categories such now have also been popular, while the right part of the Taobao home page is a picture based, the main content page content below with promotional activities.

analysis: how I do not how to home page frame wise after the event "of Taobao’s how well, but as a domestic leading electronic commerce, this framework act worthy of our personal webmaster pondering and learning a good. Perhaps we are in some detail, combined with their own characteristics can give us a little bit of play a small harvest.

secondly, we analyze the offline activities of e-commerce. If the e-commerce website brand communication mainly depends on the TV media, but the e-commerce product sales or to close the distance with consumers, produce interaction and trust to complete. Let us talk about Taobao online activities under the aspects of the situation, I lived for a long time in Hangzhou, go to the center of public entertainment during the local shopping mall, Hangzhou Sports Center, often see Taobao goods activities. For example, a university town in Xiasha Wumart supermarkets, Taobao is offering a large outdoor activities at the scene at the supermarket entrance, such activities are carried out with Taobao businesses, participants get good gifts, activities rich and interesting, not the number of 2-3 million people crowd around, there is a great influence. Jingdong mall, this home