EBay B2C to push the catwalk by users can buy global commodity

and eBay jointly launched a new shopping network serves local brand "eBay Style show" Sina Technology News November 12th afternoon news, eBay online trading platform announced today and serves network cooperation, jointly launched a new local shopping brand "eBay Style show" (ebay.xiu.com), Chinese users can purchase goods from overseas, and is responsible for sales, catwalk logistics, payment and customer service service.

according to reports, eBay Style show will provide 5000 brand products, including clothing, bags, footwear, accessories, health and beauty products and other lifestyle products, these products are from eBay global businesses.

in addition to providing a platform for the eBay Style show, serves network is also responsible for the selection of suitable eBay from Chinese consumer goods, and to Chinese consumer habits involves product search and browsing experience, moreover also bear the return and Chinese serves local customer service responsibility.

it serves network CEO Ji Wenhong, for the selection of consumer launch catwalk Chinese goods, when China consumer orders, will be sent to the warehouse serves in the United States, has a special quality inspection division serves to detect the goods, and then shipped back to the Chinese, responsible for delivery to consumers by the network serves. Because of cross-border transportation, customs clearance and other links, Ji Wenhong said the prices of these commodities will be more than the commodity price is higher in eBay.com.

"due to the difference in the price of goods, so it is difficult to say how much higher than the price of eBay.com, but the price of these goods sold in China is very high, we will continue to reduce the difference. Currently about 12 days after the user orders to receive goods, but we will continue to shorten this time." Ji Wenhong said.

eBay launched the localization of online shopping channels, has also been seen as a comeback in China eBay local electricity supplier.

eBay.com was once a prosperous auction, but in recent years, with the development of the B2C industry, eBay is also quietly changing the world. According to Chen Xiaofeng, vice president of eBay, the current eBay global 70% commodity is a new commodity, the purchase of the 65% commodity is an immediate way, according to a fixed price to sell, and is no longer an auction.

"eBay in the global change of image, but also began to establish a business system in china." Chen Xiaofeng said. EBay and Taobao have Chinese fierce fighting, but eventually quietly will focus in the three part, one is the export, let Chinese enterprise like global customers to sell their goods; two is the technical center in Shanghai, currently has more than 1500 employees for global innovation and infrastructure for the three payment solutions Paypal.

and eBay Style is the fourth business in China in eBay. Why is eBay to "return to Chinese" Xiao Chen? "