Talking about several misunderstandings about e-commerce

by the rise of "website only a short while ago, driven by the new economy" concept, a new term of a feast for the eyes emerge. From eyeball economy to online survival; from B2C to B2B…… Snow bubble really let people have overnight "tens of thousands of trees of pear blossoms" dizzy. However, it should be the old saying goes, Hing Spring, its sudden fall. As a "hammer" ring the Nasdaq, site failures, open CEO and C a O are numerous, investors withdraw and indifferently and constantly diving stock, like a barrel of water head pouring down, so many people and so many people without hesitation be taken by surprise, landing. In which the hardest hit by the "e-commerce".

first, e-commerce is electronic shopping?

What exactly is

e-commerce, it is exactly what the meaning of the hype seems to be ignored in the vigorous. Therefore, in the eyes of people, e-commerce has become a synonym for online shopping, online shopping and so on. What B2C, B2B, a network company tokenism vocabulary. If you go to the people who ask the network company, they will tell you, B2C is a personal online shopping, and B2B is the enterprise to buy goods online. All in all, as long as the goods sold online to buy, that is, e-commerce, and even believe that this is a revolution in human social retail. Then, like a swarm of bees "electronic commerce" website appeared in the blink of an eye, according to incomplete statistics, in the second half of 1999, the average daily will be born in one or two e-commerce sites. These so-called e-commerce sites are mostly used in the form of online shopping. For this phenomenon, some people joked that inadvertently knocked a web site, is actually an online shopping site.

so what exactly is the concept of e-commerce in the strict sense,


according to the International Chamber of Commerce in the World Conference on electronic commerce experts and representatives of the concept of electronic commerce has the most authoritative exposition of Electronic Commerce (Electronic Commerce), is an electronic means of each stage in the whole process of trade and trade activities. From the coverage area can be defined as: parties to electronic transactions rather than through face-to-face interviews or direct way to exchange any form of commercial transactions; from the technical aspects can be defined as: e-commerce is a combination of multiple technologies, including the exchange of data (such as electronic data exchange, data sharing, access (email) database, electronic bulletin board) and automatic data capture (barcode) etc.. E-commerce covers include: exchange of information, the pre-sale customer service service (provide products and service details, product use guidelines, answer customer complaints), sales, electronic payment (the use of electronic funds transfer, credit card, electronic check and electronic cash), transport (including the actual sending goods delivered and shipping tracking management well, can the electronic transfer of products), the formation of virtual enterprise (the formation of a physical presence on the enterprise, focused on a group of independent small and medium.