A woman 150 thousand investment in Chinese domain name was caught in a refund trouble

listen to others’ registered domain name Chinese can make money "campaign, the provincial capital of the year spent more than 15 yuan Ms. Feng registered the 39 domain name Chinese. But two months later, she found that the domain name in the name of the other 3. Find things wrong, so Ms. Feng request for domain name registration agency refund, while the other Mankoudaying, but has been dragging, has passed more than a year, still no refund.

in May 2006, claiming to be the Shenzhen mainone Information Technology Co., Ltd. Ji’nan branch clerk Mr. Gong found MS Feng, to introduce Chinese domain name registration business to make money. After listening to Ms. Feng, in May 24th reached an agreement with mainone company Ji’nan branch, with 153900 yuan registered 39 domain names, age is two years.

that year in July, Ms. Feng Internet search found three of them in the name of the domain name. In May 2007, the Ji’nan branch of the mainone Mr. Gong to call Ms. Feng, said there is a "caylon" Chinese domain, has also been arbitration agency of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region to the bank, Ms. Feng returned to the domain requirements.

MS Feng think they fooled, then find the mainone company Ji’nan branch, request a full refund, or by fraud alarm. The company responsible person Ms. Feng and Ms. Duanmu after talks, agreed to refund. In June 27, 2007, Ms Duanmu two months will be 153900 yuan of money refund Ms. feng. In June 29th, mainone company headquarters in Beijing a surname wearing a responsible person to call Ms. Feng, said no problem. Just wait for a refund, the boss finally decided.

MS Feng said, since the mainone company has been eroded the refund, until now.

in MS Feng to provide telephone recording, the reporter heard Ms. Feng and Ms. Dai surname and the person in charge of the power of dialogue, consistent with the above situation of MS Feng oral.

March 15th, the reporter contacted the mainone company Ji’nan branch responsible person Ms. duanmu. Ms. Ms. Feng admitted that the Duanmu Chinese domain name registration. But for two months to return 15 yuan a Ms. Feng, Ms. Duanmu denied it, just say it has been handed over to the headquarters.

Ms. Feng was 153900 yuan registered with the domain name, the other company said these domain names will be sold to make a lot of money to sell 39. But today, two years of registration valid immediately, in addition to the dispute that the 4 Chinese domain name, Ms. Feng registered another 35 Chinese domain names are not even sold out.