Teach you how to operate the store and develop distributors


I want to come here a lot of people are in the distribution business, some suppliers, some distributors, but how do you do? Let’s say distributor,

1 how to choose goods. Homogeneous OR non homogeneous

The choice of

products for the first time to enter the distribution business is often gray often, as the saying goes, men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. How to choose a business has become an important industry, a lot of people to choose the initial credit card recharge ah, ah, I don’t know if you had not counted the capital turnover rate and the ratio of input and output, 100 yuan prepaid card, according to the 5 gross profit calculation is 5 per thousand, although many people buy. One day you 20, also 10 dollars profit, labor costs for you, the cost of your time, your electricity fee, you calculate how much you pay. Some people choose other industries, but we have to count the cost of their own worth, if a homogenization of things, such as A, you are A, you are selling your price advantage, whether you are the credibility of dominant, dominant, needless to say, that people will know how to do, do it yourself industry is so out of pocket. So we choose the best choice of goods is not homogeneous, so there are people, less competition, profits also increased a lot. This is the wise

2 how commodity. Hard OR effort


when goods are selected, how can we do on the goods, a lot of people will say, and assistant, and then download the shelves, I advise you to exit the distributor, because you are OUT, why? Is very simple, you choose the effort, you are too lazy, too lazy to money do not want to fall in your hands, a qualified distributor, or a qualified Taobao people, we must be diligent, hard-working, diligent. You know, riding a boat behind. Why the distribution is doing well, and your distribution is 0 sales, 0 show 0 consultation, not in others, in yourself, the correct method is a modification of a baby baby, what changes? Of course is the title and description of the price and the baby, people call you 1234567890 1234567890 your price is lower than others, your sales are higher than the others, so why customers to buy your goods? You are an advertiser, a vain effort to advertisers, do the wedding dress for others. Because now Taobao buyers really smart, in the homogenization of the market, he will go to search by your title, when cheap to do, how to do the high reputation, I don’t think I have to say, at least you have to call 7894561230. The best way is to remove the original title. I want a better and more attractive titles to attract others, then in the above plus a reasonable profit goods appropriate, and not to others than the price, it is not interesting, children play, remember, not to fight the market price, then we to god horse, not quality goods, no >