Test the water O2O fresh products O2O Road

any kind of conversion is the courage and the delicate double endorsement, a little careless, it will be defeated and return, fresh products O2O conversion of the road, but also profoundly illustrates this point.


fresh electricity supplier O2O road

The movie, watch

TV before or literary works, always as a way of life the male and female of different day is moved by a small staff of the Department, or cook a good wife, night night, suddenly is Hangxiazhangyi nightkin, or wearing a tuxedo with a gun in his hand strong woman; always think, this conversion is very exciting, in fact, any kind of conversion is courage and exquisite double endorsement, the slightest mistake, it will fail, the conversion of fresh products O2O Road, profoundly illustrates this point.

just past 2012, for fresh products, is the key to the transformation of the road. In May, SF EXPRESS’s electricity supplier SF preferred food mall officially announced on the line, located in the high-end food B2C. June, Amazon’s food classification in China more than a new variety of seafood, while Taobao ecological agriculture on the line. In July, Liu Qiangdong is a "tomato", Jingdong announced that the official mall mall Jingdong officially launched fresh food channel, including vegetables, fruit and meat products, and tomatoes have become the main product. Major well-known electricity supplier to enter the fresh market, sparked a burst of boiling.

The conversion of

fresh Road, sunshine is in haze weather, when the daily Department of clothing, appliances, books, field will have electricity market when packed full to the brim, this is a fresh vacancy, immediately let each big business eyes are scrambling to squeeze in. In fact, the Internet is fresh, is definitely a winner, then why would this be? Yu Bailiang Dean Verma Social Media Research Institute of media pointed out: "in the era of new media marketing, the Internet of things, who is to say that maybe one day the tipping point of a fresh business, myself able to quickly build a good platform for a key launch, not in a hurry on the line." As a result, fresh from the traditional food market, supermarket Trading Road, began the transformation of the electricity supplier of the road.

but, as not every department clerk can be in the twilight of every incarnation of spider man, staring at the rice cooker to cook the wife can take a gun at the same, this conversion, suitable for fresh, I am afraid the answer is negative?. Recently, a special website to do fresh electricity supplier can not go on to do the best food network, announced the transfer of 1 million 500 thousand shots. This suggests that the path of fresh conversion, at least for now, is difficult to succeed.

reasons: first of all, the food safety problem is a key issue for the Chinese people, from milk powder to food, we almost every day in the vicinity of the question of food, although fresh hit >