The price to enter the Taobao express that is not higher than three up

huge online order business opportunities for the courier giants sit still. Yesterday, the country held for 11 double Zhaijisong into Taobao promotion, will double 11 as starting point to fully enter the Taobao express, announced for the delivery of electricity supplier price is not higher than three up.

The price of double 11


yesterday, in Beijing, Hangzhou, the Shanghai of the 6 held a seminar to Taobao’s many businesses,, intime business to the scene, face to face the price, service and delivery conditions. In Beijing, the promotion site, general manager of the North China region Ren Guangle told reporters that the launch of the new pricing strategy for the electricity supplier, the new price no higher than three up, whether city, province or country.

reporter learned that, according to each business day shipments and delivery of content is different, the price is not the same, but is lower than the standard price, the daily shipments of more than 100 single business, Beijing to Tianjin express first heavy price as long as 6 yuan, only half of its standard price 12 yuan. In addition to price concessions, ZJS commitment, all-weather day and night to pick up, delivery time is extended to 10 o’clock in the evening.

dual 11 courier is expected to exceed 40 million single / day

it is reported that in November 11th, Taobao, where all the mainstream business promotion day last year, because people find affordable centralized online shopping, to express a single increasing, many people have courier warehouse explosion, orders delayed several days to receive the complaints everywhere. This year, according to many predictions, including the 11 single, double to more than 40 million single, single peak may reach 60 million. In fact, in recent years, courier growth has been around 50%. Last year, double 11, express day alone up to 30 million single.

in fact, online shopping market had more than 95% are express one of four links, namely, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, in the pass five Huitong courier company monopoly, but with the rapid development of this market, the express line camp post EMS, SF and ZJS also eyeing to squeeze into one.


, EMS has been quietly on the electricity supplier delivery price, but also for the electricity supplier market SF launched four day delivery courier price etc.. In view of personnel, industry giants, bus flights and other resources, service ability is stronger, is expected to double this year’s 11 courier warehouse explosion will be greatly weakened.