The shop explosion models to create, how to break the Curse of products

either Taobao Tmall or Jingdong mall, online shops want to get traffic, the explosion has always been to create the shop is not long enough to be one of the most effective means of traffic flow.

The so-called

explosion models, is to choose their own shop in a product, and support for the product flow, make this product more show in front of the user, get more sales, in order to enhance the product in the platform to get the weight of this product is better in the natural search results and category page ranking, make this product can get more traffic support platform, get more free traffic. Further, the explosion of the product obtained by natural flow can introduce users through natural shops, product related sales, product recommendation, shop home focus map, can let more products store display in front of consumers.


in general, to create explosion models, one is to focus their resources, this product to give greater support for activities such as traffic, and paid advertising outside the station, the introduction of the flow and price advantage; on the other hand is a single brush, even if it is but has become a common industry behavior does not allow many platform.

explosion models to create, is based on products, so there is no doubt that the importance of selection. Here the author summarizes 3 points:

1 in general, the selection of products if the product characteristics, product shop signs, mainstream product categories.

features of products, products represent more focus on shop signs of these products would be beneficial in terms of quality, credibility, brand image and so on, only to create such explosion models to highlight the characteristics and advantages of their products, highlighting their competitive advantage, and won the recognition of consumers, to obtain more benefits.

mainstream category of explosive products in the building, will flow into the shops, will be able to more mainstream products in the store push, to show to consumers, imagine, if you create the explosion is a shop and other products related products, consumers into the stores, shops will face no suitable products show to the user’s dilemma.

2 selected products if standard products.


is a non-standard products, on behalf of such products can not be displayed in the category page, but also on behalf of consumers rarely to search for such products, even if this product has become a "blast", consumers can not through the platform site search, or screening to find this product category, can not get more traffic that will flow into the shops, "create the explosion of products will lose its meaning.

I have encountered such a shop: their own to create a unique product name, want to create a brand, concept. Of course, the idea is good, but if the choice of non-standard products such as the explosion is not appropriate to create a direct.

can’t do it

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