The European Cup off-season network network Grote beer passion release

with the June 11th 2016 European Cup opener started off the pitch, the imported beer "competition" has opened. Grote Gloryt once again into public view. Taking advantage of football and music as sports resources in IP, is expected to become the European Cup import Grote beer market thriving.

no beer, no football, a symbol of courage and honor and conquer Grote will undoubtedly become the European Cup fans watching the ball game with perfect partner. It is reported that Grote beer by the network network combined with the music of sports building, is the world’s top beer manufacturer Aishibao (Eichbaum) of the German wheat beer brewery. The "product experience officer" is with a great reputation before the CCTV Oprah, LETV sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong.

to help out the European Cup, "Grote Gloryt" glory, conquest, madness, brilliant four beer products has been assigned to the Lotte Mart supermarket. The European Cup, grut will be settled on 1000 KA and super terminal, and at the end of at least 5000 line terminal stores, let the fans will be able to enjoy a long history of the world’s top beer. In addition, grut will visit the network network and music as sports combined to create the ecological content. "LeBar, let the big screen spectator, intelligent scene experience, consumption of beer drinking experience possible. According to reports, the first LeBar will be located in Beijing, on August.

European Cup sports IP powerful engine and has maximum football audience China market, creating an excellent market opportunities for grote. This year, the music, as the sport has not only won the European Cup Hongkong broadcast rights, but also the first to win the popular England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, five national teams reached an exclusive new media cooperation. The exclusive copyright panorama of the European Cup, LETV ecological resources marketing qualifications, let Grote well placed.

(Gloryt Grote beer: glory and conquest, crazy and brilliant)

has used the super IP emerge during the spring of sugar, the path is the depth of practice sports IP Grote ecology. Through the network network reached a strategic cooperation with the music as sports, cooperative binding business interests can be obtained, such as the star event Grote IP resources, greater voice in marketing and brand output. It is reported that the music as the sport now has more than 300 games, more than 10 thousand Games broadcast rights, covering the top European League football and ATP WTA tennis tournament, Formula One racing etc. the size of the audience attention Chinese events. The future, Grote will be bundled with a sports IP out of the traditional marketing pattern.

analysts believe that China’s sports industry is most likely to reconstruct the value of the Internet, the future or the establishment of a new model of the Internet and sports. The closely related with the sports IP beer market will usher in a new round of Internet reform and new opportunities.

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