Every guest as long as the efforts can be successful

remembers the first time do Amoy, for a month without income. Now the daily income of not less than 100 yuan, this is why. Only tell you. A very simple life. Why do you have no income. You do not work hard enough, why do you earn less, you are not very hard.

now for everyone to analyze why there is no income.

1 promotion method is not correct.

is not just a day to send the link to it. If you send the mom in a forum, with the effect it certainly has no effect. Even if the forum does not delete your post. You every day, every day 100 posts, as your income or 0 for the mom in a forum is not the webmaster Amoy Amoy is to buy things, why do you want to link? As their link to add their own income. Not to mention the webmaster, do the webmaster don’t understand network marketing. Don’t know Promotion Commission. So the promotion must choose the method. The forum do not choose webmaster forum, Wangzhuan forum, even if you have also won’t have what effect, is a waste of time.

2 promotion direction is not clear.

in the promotion you may use multiple methods, but you must be in a variety of analysis methods, which method is most effective. To find the most effective strengthening copy, constantly update the promotion. In the most effective way to make you successful. This depends on your analytical skills. For example, which of you today in the forum. Remember to keep the address, tomorrow you can go see, how many clicks, have not been removed. Some BBS ShanTie soon, you don’t analysis, every day to the end, there is no income.

3 promotion crowd inaccurate.

this is the marketing positioning, if you are promoting the breast products, you to the male forum to promote, can tell you the click rate will be very high, but the conversion rate is very low. Because men don’t need breast products. If you are in the community to promote female beauty products, which shows people more accurate positioning. The possibility of purchase is very high. All things to think about Lenovo way. To analyze the.

with the most simple method

4 promotion products are not reliable,

first, we choose the product promotion, must be the product quality in the first place. It is also the fundamental of the people, we must also be responsible for money consumption. At the same time, good products are good sales. It must be the product sales into consideration. According to the second sales shop, the same sales is one of the important factors to examine the quality of the products.


will consider the price of the product, whether it can make the most of consumers are acceptable. Finally we must consider the proportion of the Commission, because we also want to spend time to promote human, so the choice of the high commission also behoove things.

5 efforts to adhere to.


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