Fog, now the electricity supplier status how

lead: opened in 2014, a series of events occurred in commercial electric dazzling. Fog, now the electricity supplier status how? The relative wilderness stage of development over the past few years, the electricity supplier industry is entering a period of consolidation.

opened in 2014, acquired Lasafo 75% shares, Mcglaughlin has announced to sell the shell, Tencent shares public comment, shares of the Jingdong, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice network, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing denied that the company may introduce strategic investment…… A series of big events occur continuously, dazzling. Fog, now

electric current situation how?

over the last few years wilderness stage of development, the electricity supplier industry is entering a period of consolidation. The school on behalf of the network CEO Kongyu Xing said that the current electricity supplier industry faces enormous challenges, on the one hand, PC flow stagnation, facing the rapid rise of the mobile Internet and on the other hand, many companies are looking to sell electricity providers to expand or consolidate.

camp highlights:

now, Tencent shares Jingdong, the pattern of the domestic B2C market is becoming increasingly apparent. Tmall, & Jingdong; Tencent in the first echelon;, Amazon, China, shop No. 1, Dangdang, Gome online, Eslite in the second and three echelon.

Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Mo Daiqing also believes that the beginning of 2014 business cooperation, mergers and acquisitions more intensive, several camps B2C market formation, the whole category of platform only four Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, Amazon China, and have "backer". There are relatively lonely, the relatively small volume of, one store, where customers, and Mcglaughlin electric.

in the first camp, occupy the largest share of Ali electricity supplier ecosystem continues to expand. The first is to constantly adjust the internal structure of the group, Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, plus investment in the U.S. group net, Ding Dingwang, small shrimp nets, fast taxi, growing, covering more and more areas.

for Tencent, Tencent "supplier ecosystem also quietly" full closure ", surrounded by Sogou, public comment, Jingdong, eLong, city net all segments of leading enterprises in the" guard". Its ecosystem is more complete, from C2C, B2C, buy, life services, third party payment, mobile payment, mobile providers, O2O, etc. have the strength to compete with ali.

vertical electric heating:

"such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhi should be the vertical electric business situation.

relative to the large integrated electricity supplier companies, such as (vertical vertical e-commerce refers to the deepening of e-commerce mode of operation in a certain industry or market segments), relatively awkward. On the one hand, the vertical electricity supplier has an accurate positioning of customer base, high degree of concentration of goods and services, such as the advantages of specialization; on the other hand, by the impact of the expansion of large electricity supplier platform category, >

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