Taobao guest the realization of the real dream of no business

do you want to do poineering work? Do Taobao guest, because no need to put into the cost can realize the dream of entrepreneurship.

so-called Taobao guest refers specifically to the seller to promote Taobao products to earn commissions. The registered account, and then get the Taobao product promotion link, let customers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, then you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%.

Taobao customers to promote the main forms are:

, a single product promotion

You can

on single commodity Taobao customers to promote replication to the promotion of the area code (i.e., promotion links) will then link into what you want to promote, such as forums, personal websites and blogs. The code has URL, text chain, graphic three modes.

two, promotion of the whole category of goods

1, Taobao customers into the home page, I want to promote the promotion of goods.


2, you have to choose the promotion category.

3, enter the top right corner of the "promotion of such goods" button.

4, enter the promotion code style selection page, in the three styles to choose a suitable code for their own style can be extended.

three, to promote the entire store

1, from the "search seller" or directly from the category to enter the commodity promotion information page.

2, click the store to promote information into the store details page, you can view the store’s goods, commission rates, historical commission expenses, etc.. If you need to promote, click on "get the code to promote the store" button.

3, access to the promotion code page, select the code for their own use to promote the code, copy the code can be.

four, search channel


customers can choose channel promotion, by copying link and paste it to be promotion place (such as blogs, forums, personal websites), buyers from the seller’s shop promotion link into Taobao, after successful trading, Taobao customers can get a commission.

1, from the Taobao channel promotion into the promotion page, select the channel you want to promote the page.

2, click "get code". Promotion code has two forms, one is the URL code, can be directly adhered to the place you want to promote, another is the iframe code, need to be nested in the HTML code, suitable for personal use, or support iframe code blog.

The use of

channel promotion is convenient, but the page content is rich, do not have to update, Taobao second regularly selected product update page.

five, search promotion

search promotion

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