Juhuasuan said the first half of the transaction volume increased by 6 billion 870 million year on y

August 30th morning news, Alibaba group’s Juhuasuan group announced the first half of 2012 data. Juhuasuan’s first half turnover increased by 171%, up to $6 billion 870 million.

Juhuasuan side said that the first half of a total of 15 million 900 thousand users on a regular basis Juhuasuan, the proportion of more than 2 times a month to buy more than 53%. Juhuasuan insiders, Juhuasuan daily order conversion rate of up to 6.7%. Although the August 13th -19 anniversary of the influx of large flow, pulled down the conversion rate, but still reached 4.8%.

this is the first time after the adjustment of the Alibaba group system for the cause of Juhuasuan’s sales data. In July, the Alibaba will adjust the system of the original 6 subsidiaries of the 7 major business groups, Juhuasuan has become an independent business group. (Li Yun)

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