Fresh electricity poles of War the giant VS fields

September October full of yellow crab, crab, crab flavor "mid similar, always boundless delicious, but with the popularity of the Internet and purchase channels are becoming increasingly diversified. Previously, one of the best representatives of popular crabs coupons. Although there are many problems, but consumers are increasingly accepted this way. This year, the electricity supplier of fresh crabs around crazy shopping has become one of the focus. Even in September 23rd, Jingdong, Tmall, and other electronic business platform also gathered to witness the first fishing Yangcheng Lake, "the authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs".


but now have fresh electricity showing polarization characteristics, one side is some fresh electricity to the huge financial funds continue to stride forward singing militant songs, and one side is some fresh electricity providers continue to fail, had to leave. In addition to Tmall as the representative of the Jingdong of fresh supermarket, fresh electricity giant, and the region between the fresh business platform is also increasingly fierce battle. Between the dragon and snakes strong war, is a fresh electricity supplier is different from the traditional electricity supplier characteristics competitive melody.



fields: giant against war

fresh electricity supplier huge potential is obvious to all, and its market is optimistic that it is now extremely low permeability and the future of the huge market. For now, fresh electricity supplier market penetration of less than 3%. According to data, driven by consumer upgrades, domestic fresh electricity market in recent years are high growth: in 2015 the fresh market size of 49 billion 700 million yuan, more than 90 billion yuan in 2016, an increase of 81%; by 2018, is expected to fresh electricity market will reach 236 billion 500 million yuan.

The potential of

is so large, so that practitioners reached them and were ready to. Among them, both Tmall, Jingdong, and other traditional business tycoon, there are areas in the "vision" sphere of influence "". The two also showed different characteristics: the embodiment of the "strong dragon" giant is the object of National City as rattling, or direct transport, use their own cold chain, set up in the hands of the fresh system, or as a platform, let many sellers free sales of fresh products "vision;" business area tend to large city as the core, in the face of tens of millions of potential users, focusing on the localization of fresh roots.

since the type of operation, there will be conflict and collision. Different from saying "strong dragon does not pressure the vision", and "strong dragon" giant war area "vision" is often defeated. After all, compared with the giants, fresh electricity supplier in the region both in terms of strength, coverage are somewhat different. Even if it is to rely on more depth to get the user, but it is difficult to produce viscous. Once the giant slightly force, user attention will be transferred quickly. Even with the increase in the cost of access to the user, the giant did not force, fresh electricity supplier in the region due to the collapse of the financing and exhaustion.

this year, several regions have fresh electricity supplier exit the market. Focus on Shanghai and surrounding areas fresh electricity supplier brand delicious seven >

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