Spend VC money to buy milk diapers can last long or differentiation of maternal and child electricit

in the past year, China’s children are holding VC’s money in diapers, eating milk powder." Such ridicule on the network, but also reflects the 2015 to get more financing of maternal and child electricity supplier price war fierce.

with 90 started to become a new mother, and the two child policy of gradual liberalization of the dividend, making a lot of maternal electricity providers touted, get a lot of financing in the past two years, and through large-scale price war, big entertainment marketing investment and other ways to attract consumers.

due to maternal and child market in recent years showed explosive growth trend, some institutions are expected in 2015 will exceed 2 trillion yuan. However, after the 2015 noise, maternal and child electricity supplier in the year of 2016 will go to where?

VC money to buy milk powder, diapers can last long?

in just a year in 2015, the baby tree site founder and CEO Wang Huainan told the first Financial Daily reporters, maternal and child electricity supplier has experienced three stages of development. The first is the beginning of the year, due to maternal electricity supplier concept is hot, the companies also get a lot of financing, the price war intensified; the second stage is the capital of warm winter period, few enterprises can quickly get financing; the third stage, investors have realized the maternal electricity supplier in the field of repeat domain, O2O domain and group purchase taxi domain shuffle tide, finally only a small amount of outstanding maternal electricity supplier companies win.

an industry source told reporters that the mother and child electricity supplier a promotion to spend about 40 million yuan. Assuming a monthly sales promotion, a year to 400 million ~5 billion yuan, which is not the other charges. This will soon put the money to finance, and makes some investors back.

"although the short term, in some standard products (milk, diapers and so on), baby tree’s beauty store mother also inevitably involved in the sale, but the standard proportion is not high, only about 30%. Bao Baoshu provides a very rich product category." Wang Huainan told reporters, on the other hand, baby tree mothers give users greater value lies in its "knowledge, record, share, buy" business model in closed loop, and this is also the father of Wang Huainan as two children, pregnant women and new mothers think the biggest four aspects of demand.

in the face of the past "double eleven" and "black Friday" (the traditional store discount day) the "smoke", said Wang Huainan, 2015 "double eleven" may be a turning point in the electricity supplier industry: "the rise of the end of the traditional electricity supplier" and "business value".

especially in the maternal industry, due to maternal and child products with 3C and other factors in different categories, the guarantee period of the products, the first half of the purchasing power of compression to "double eleven" this time is a very unscientific phenomenon; on the other hand, some brand annual consumption of 40%~ 50% occurred in the "double eleven" because, the overdraft purchasing power, a business platform within 1 months of sales are very steep.

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