Grass root Ji Bin venture grass root who in the world

if not Martha Marceau, believe that it is very difficult to find Ji Bin in Baidu search.

Ji Bin is a serial entrepreneur, Daoteng too many things, to catch a wave of the Internet, and played with SP, and then later, he also became a founding shareholder of Martha, Marceau and CTO. Now, he also has another identity – known as the popular APP "scratching sister" and "no sister’s Secret boss.

Martha Marceau recently announced earnings, also recently announced new financing. 2012 is the electricity supplier to squeeze the bubble in the year, but also practitioners hot water suffering a year, Ji Bin said that the electricity supplier is a toil.

many people know that SP is a big money, fast money to live, but the electricity supplier is forced to ha ha business. Ji Bin said, the Internet Chinese most profitable business, are on the grass root – Games, social networking, search is to earn money is the grass root, grass root, the achievements of the giant Tencent, Baidu, NetEase, is also the achievements of the grass root YY and 9158.

summed up his entrepreneurial experience, Ji Bin is only one sentence: "grass root, the world". We may wish to listen to the "mentality of grass root entrepreneurs".

grass root counter attack

Ji Bin University in Jiangsu, a normal school, art, but now the school has been merged. 98 years of graduation, Ji Bin and his classmates went to Guangzhou to find a job, the students did not find a job, but he found. At that time he gave people painting, he said he is a lack of artistic one, if assigned to be a teacher, the general feeling is fraught, and use their spare time to learn programming. Compared with many professional program ape, siege lion, Ji Bin is a grass root male edge technology.


first job, Ji Bin went to a subsidiary of Guangdong Telecom, not because of their computer training, in general lower than others, always be arranged to go to work is not important. The edge of grass root identity also unexpected achievement Ji Bin, this is a blessing.

a chance to do an online SP company to find Guangdong Telecom, hope cooperation. Other colleagues are dismissive of the project, then sent Ji Bin to do, do more than a year, a monthly income of hundreds of thousands. Ji Bin said, when the dotcom bubble has just begun, we feel that a few billion years, especially no sense of achievement, but as the grass root programmer telecommunications company, this business is very dear to him. Later, the boss of the company SP immigration, Ji Bin and friends (the Great Wall will be the kitchen) together to buy the company down. At the beginning of the business or to the "Guangzhou daily", "Yangcheng Evening News" the media do mobile phone subscriptions, and then later, because Guangdong is a major economic province, migrant workers, the development of the business of recruitment, two pieces of business each monthly income is less than one hundred thousand.

Ji Bin soon they have some money too. At that time, Ji Bin and partners every day, how to make money. See >

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