Economic crisis a large number of e-commerce sites

The arrival of the

economic crisis has seriously affected the entire economic crisis and spread to all walks of life, but it has provided the development opportunity for the enterprise to deepen the commercial value of the electronic commerce.

it is understood that in order to further expand domestic demand and promote circulation, the Ministry of Commerce in 2009 will continue to expand the area of electronic scale, also launched a special interactive supporting platform of national modern service industry, the Ministry of science and technology through the establishment of the real economy and e-commerce combined closely with the market environment, to promote the traditional manufacturers for Internet economy, give full play to the advantages of e-commerce.

in fact, with the continuous adjustment and change of China’s market economic structure, mode of e-commerce more and more attention from the enterprise from the dissemination of information, the traditional display products, then online shopping, online transactions, can be said that the development of e-commerce is rising.

I think the economic crisis will be a large number of B2B, B2C, e-commerce website, let us wait and see.

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