How to make your clothing shop soaring

showdown 1, the store must burst a single paragraph: what is the explosion of a single, I believe that Taobao can do with the entity can experience the explosion of a single sales calendar harm relationship. We have time to go to Taobao search how your peers do. Analysis of your peers to do good and do not do well, do a good job shop needs to be summarized, you can find that they will have a sex, that is the reason for their success. To do bad, we have to count, is not the same as we encountered the bottleneck, then we should be how to avoid. The importance of a shop in addition to the importance of the entire store marketing strategy.

against 2 of the market, a predictable: behind closed doors, always keep up with the rhythm of the market you will find that you have been far behind the others. In this information time, who walked in front of the market who is the winner, the Internet can be copied is very strong, if you believe you can achieve the one hundred percent execution is equal to anything, you may temporarily fall behind others, but when the chance comes when you are out. Women’s update is too fast, but as long as you grasp the female consumer psychology, you will win the market. When you are in bad business have not thought about, is not good enough to do strength. Some time ago there are a few analysis to do good shops, do a very solid strength, when the chance comes a really broke out. When you complain about the bad business in your shop, do you have to analyze the reasons and solve the problem? If you just complain, then the next fall is you!

showdown 3, shop decoration: everyone likes to look at the impact of the visual impact of things, shop decoration is like a beautiful girl with an ordinary girl. Now the Internet is the most popular, the most gossip is what star ah, network beauty and their common point is beautiful. Beauty is not only men like to see, women are the same. According to the United States to see the beauty of life. In my investigation of the dozens of shops, business is not good at the same time there is a common problem in the shop decoration. I usually like to see other people’s shop, when I first feel bad, that is, in a few seconds I will immediately turn off the window. Some people will think that I am not convincing, and now Taobao has a quantum constant calculation, we have time to try, the general store with Wang shop comparison of customer retention time. Why Taobao to promote the business, I believe that we are sitting in the clear.

duel 4, how to make full use of the train: I often have to see the shop to do 2 to 3 drill train, do not very professional, a look at this will certainly be a loss. How to do the best on the train through the goods must be a champion of your store goods, that is, only to get the recognition of your existing customers will be more potential customers recognized. Influence is one of the most important social identity, only to be recognized by most people, will make more people to follow suit. It is not difficult to find that customers often ask for evaluation in sales

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