FedEx cheap war as usual take the card after the main Chinese market

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second global express enterprise group (hereinafter referred to as FedEx FedEx) based on the expected earnings and the adjustment of the way to express cargo retired part of worries about the global economy, but this family has just won the Chinese domestic express business license of the company, the market China huge growth potential and enhance the efficiency of logistics industry it will bring more space for business growth as well as the practice of the concept of supply chain space.

profit is expected to shrink

out of concern for the weak global economy and brought about a decline in trade volume, the federal express recently announced its full year earnings forecast.

FedEx will as of the end of May next year at the end of the fiscal year profit is expected to lower the expected earnings per share from $6.9 to $7.4 down to $6.2 per share to $6.6; also will end at the end of November second quarter earnings forecast to $1.3 per share to $1.45, $1.57 for the same period last year, it was less than analysts expected.

, director of the investment research consultant Zhang Yanlin pointed out that FedEx to market for minor changes, timely adjust their own operations, in the express delivery market do it, this is the domestic express business learning. Domestic express market prospects for development, the development of a huge space, domestic express delivery companies should actively explore the market opportunities, the rapid development of competitive advantage in the target market, so as to be invincible.

FedEx CEO Reed · Smith, the overall global trade growth was slightly faster than the growth of the global economy for a long time, but the trend over the past few months began to disappear.

Although the

in the first quarter as of the end of the end of August, FedEx total revenue increased by 3%, but profit decline. In the company’s view, consumers began to choose cheaper transport, this situation will be more severe next year."

FedEx said in mid September vice president and chief economist Huang Geng told reporters in Beijing, because of the impact of the global economic uncertainty still exists, so the air cargo industry is still in a difficult period, but such as iPhone 5 and other new electronic products listed stimulus will boost the related industrial chain enterprises, have help to stimulate the recent weakness of the air cargo industry to pick up, open the door to the traditional freight season.

nevertheless, the uncertainty of the economic situation will continue to affect the global economy for a long time, the logistics and supply chain industry will also be a greater impact.

FedEx for a rainy day, began its cost saving plan. In August this year launched a voluntary buyout plan, also announced 24 aircraft and 43 aircraft out of the old old engine. Recently announced that it will stop its 21 Boeing 727 freighters, turn to 767-300F and 757-200F to replace the more fuel-efficient.

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