Taobao mall from the new rules of business competition and competition

Taobao mall officially released in October 10th. The provisions of the "traditional tonic / other supplements" and "brand" technical service rates will rise from 2% to 3%; the annual technical service fee rose to 30 thousand and 6 tons of files from 6000 yuan, annual turnover of more than 600 thousand, and the dynamic score more than 4.6, is the return of part of the cost of additional margin threshold; 10 thousand, from the lowest to the highest 150 thousand, divided into 10 thousand, 50 thousand, 100 thousand, 150 thousand third.


bond, brand flagship store: 100 thousand yuan with mark TM, all 50 thousand yuan R trademark; franchise stores: 150 thousand yuan with mark TM, all 100 thousand yuan R trademarks; special category, type of store flagship store, the margin is 150 thousand yuan; management of unregistered trademarks in China China imported goods stores, the margin is 150 thousand yuan; "the book / magazine / newspaper", "music / video / audio / Star" and "show / discount coupons to idle away in seeking pleasure" category brand attributes and no store type, so the deposit fee: 50 thousand yuan flagship stores, franchise stores 100 thousand yuan; "online games and QQ", "communication" and calls "tourism" categories of the deposit of 10 thousand yuan. In addition, Taobao mall to the "zero tolerance of fake smuggled goods". If the merchant once sold fake and smuggled goods, will be immediately closed shop, and deduct all liability for breach of contract margin. At the same time consumers will get a false one compensate five compensation.

in late October 13th 9, nearly 7000 netizens published YY voice, organized, the starry, Ou Sha, seven princess, UNIQLO Taobao mall big sellers, the implementation of the "malicious operations take goods, to the poor, refused to pay". The majority of these four shops have been forced to sell the goods, which are all the clothes of the Korean homes all shelves.

October 15th, Taobao for answering questions, causing many users thread to discuss, for a time Public opinions are divergent.


for the implementation of the new regulations of the tough attitude shows its determination to change the business model, from the point of view of future development strategy of Taobao, Taobao mall clearly focus on big brands and independent B2C, through this, Taobao mall the purpose is very clear, is to cultivate the brand Taobao mall is more concentrated and large B2C, and let the small sellers do some passive transfer. At the same time, since this year the entire Ali are more likely to experience the threshold, business quality, adjustment, clear business model test, these moves are considered to be the Taobao architecture, clear business model refinement evolution.

Taobao new regulations triggered riots event who is right or wrong, we can not give the exact conclusion. Small sellers riots in order to protect their own interests, and the reason why Taobao released Taobao new regulations, but also for their own interests. However, in the escalating riots in those who were besieged by large businesses, the loss is very heavy, overnight, the return of a surge of credit pull >

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