Ali’s first attempt to participate in international double eleven largest business over the years

Phoenix Science and technology news October 30th news, Ali is about to usher in the first two listed after the eleven. This year, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, fast selling through the first involvement of Ali and other businesses, Alibaba strive to build the first global double eleven. Internationalization is becoming the focus of the competition this year, each electronic business platform.

Alibaba COO Zhang Yong said that through the Tmall international direct transactions, intermediate links will be compressed as much as possible to reduce the cost of both sides. In addition, Ali bonded bonded mode to save logistics costs, Tmall international will become an important platform to meet the needs of the sea amoy.

this year is the largest number of businesses involved in the number of years a year, only Tmall has 27 thousand businesses involved.

5 years, the whole Ali group to build electricity supplier ecosystem, is gradually becoming the core competitiveness of Ali electricity supplier.

a large number of international businesses in Tmall during the double 11, starting new global special goods, Tmall international will introduce more through the bonded mode, has not entered the market and the quality of Chinese overseas big small brands; Taobao overseas to help China sellers to expand overseas market, global coverage of the Chinese market; mainly for aliexpress general consumers around the world, the main China manufacturing retail outlet, help Chinese brand to the sea, currently covers 220 key countries.

rookie network as early as August began to actively prepare for the establishment of the double 11 logistics project team". Which covers the platform logistics and industry line solutions two. The project team will predict data, information sharing, cooperation and communication, organization and coordination as the focus of the work, focusing on creating consumers, businesses and courier multi communication platform.

and the newly established micro ants (the original loan Ali small loan installment purchase) to join Tmall development ("Tmall stage") has completed the trial in Tmall City, Tmall officially extended to all categories of goods, now covering 1.5 10000, first-line brand businesses are listed among them, more than 800 thousand items, including home appliances, decoration, cosmetics, and even cars.

double 11 period, Tmall will stage for all users to mention the amount, and the introduction of the long term interest free installment.

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