How to build an attractive electricity supplier website from scratch

Tindie CTO Julia Grace


began to build a successful business website from zero? Tindie is Google, Intel, SpaceX hardware products supply electricity supplier website, its CTO by experienced those tips to teach you business site construction should know, including the first site to achieve the ultimate user experience; don’t rush to search function; pay attention to user feedback growth, together with the users. This article from the First Round Review magazine, compiled by the "world network".

2 years ago, Emile Petrone quit his job, raising $500 thousand, put the into a technology hardware products business platform, now it attracts customers from all over the world, including Google, Intel, SpaceX and other large companies from elsewhere because they can not find such products.

Julia Grace (Julia · grace) as Tindie CTO (Chief Technology Officer), shared her successful experience in an out of order small businesses into big suppliers, provides strategies and experiences in the early construction of the important business website for business entrepreneurs.

1 to learn about your client

from web browsing

1) not to realize web search: small start-ups do not rush to realize the search function, if your product category begins with a very narrow, not what the user can search, so you can do is to optimize the performance of web browsing. It is best not to jump out of the search function such as external links. When the effect of browsing to the extreme, your site will eventually have thousands of products, then you need to search the function to find out how consumers find what they want.

2) improve product classification system: in the initial stage of the establishment of the electricity supplier website should focus on the construction of the site classification system, in order to increase the number of products classified. This is ultimately beneficial to provide a good user experience, but also do not need to fall into the complex process of establishing external search. Tindie in the establishment of a comprehensive classification system, not only easier to find a list of goods, but also know how consumers find what they want to buy, which requires multiple data iteration and repeat the classification of products. The best way for Tindie to find diversion is based on consumer portraits.

3) pinpoint the target user: your user positioning is often not what the customer thinks. The classification of products is not as simple as advanced users and primary users, because their boundaries are fuzzy, there are too many products at the same time meet the needs of both.

4) emphasis on user feedback: Tindie attaches great importance to user feedback, especially how people use or comment on the site’s navigation system. If you give consumers a lot of interactive options, you can click on their website community

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