Ali O2O battles meow Street for 500 years to complete the on-line store

original title: "meow Street" 500 years to complete the on-line store

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duosun Qi Xiang) after the O2O years, Alibaba has quietly on the line of mobile O2O new product "meow Street", the first mall cooperation intime west of the city, the impression of the city of Xixi and West plaza. Alibaba said the city life division director Miao Feng told Beijing Daily reporter, meow Street’s goal this year is to 1000 stores App promotion to the country’s 15 city, and completed at least 500 on-line store.

in recent years, strong demand for retail transformation of all channels, aiming at the demand of Ali began to overweight in the field of O2O. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, the App based on the current location of the user, provide the surrounding shopping malls and stores information to customers, and provide one-stop service to eat drink play by tesco. Meow street by Ali and retail entities work together to achieve operation. Among them, Ali is responsible for leading the operators to promote cooperation with the target entity retail, including shopping malls WiFi laying, payment systems to get through, etc., the establishment of shopping malls and shopping malls and consumer links. Cooperative entity retail is required to provide data related businesses and activities upload.

According to Miao Feng

, and Ali cooperation department stores, shopping centers need to sign the "department store, shopping center synchronization upgrade plan" and Ali before cooperation, the plan will be based on different department stores, shopping centers will have different standards, including payment system open, merchant data upload required for cooperation. Miao Feng said, meow street line, retail mall cooperation and meow Street will be big data can rely on Ali’s transformation, but also can realize the optimization including members of integral, shopping, parking, promotion and other aspects of the operation.

however, the first attempt in the field of O2O street is obviously not Ali meow. 2013 double 11 ago, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with intime business, intime 35 stores to join the double camp, is seen as the starting point of Alibaba O2O model exploration. Subsequently, Alipay, Taobao, Amoy little local life, Taobao and other mobile phone business line O2O has joined the "trial and error" camp, Ali also launched a number of new products and services based on the integration of online and offline, even in March last year strategic investment intime business, holding 9.9%.

analysis of the industry, Ali hopes to big data for retail strengths to achieve O2O closed loop, but the current point of view, through a channel is the operation of the O2O payment system, and can not bring business growth for the retail entity, Ali’s various business lines also lack Series in the field of O2O, resulting in the actual effect. Miao Feng also admitted that last year, Ali "auspicious Sambo" (i.e. Alipay, the balance of treasure, Yin Taibao) the way to operate the O2O, there are many factors not considered well. Including members of the depth of the mining system is not enough.

therefore, in the O2O project will be transferred from the Ali group to ant gold suit, "meow line Street" will become Ali O2O camp.

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