Zhang Jindong to encourage cross-border electricity supplier O2O model to keep the quality of domest

2016 is the 13th Five-Year national comprehensive well-off society at the beginning of the year, with the accelerated increase one or two city income level and three or four level market urbanization, to buy foreign goods as the representative of the quality of consumption and consumer brands will usher in high growth. Meanwhile, in April this year, cross-border electricity supplier tax reform will be officially implemented, the introduction of the new deal means that over the past three years to complete the cross-border electricity supplier pilot work, which will certainly have a positive impact on the industry.

according to the Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 Chinese tourists spending about 1 trillion and 200 billion yuan overseas, continue to maintain the world’s major tourist consumer groups. This year, China’s total cross-border e-commerce trade is expected to exceed 6 trillion, and in the next few years to maintain an annual growth of 30%.

with the increase of cross-border electricity supplier industry, the problem can not be ignored. Because the purchase through electronic business platform can only achieve overseas goods online, the lack of physical product experience, and from payment, delivery to the delivery time, return procedures are complex, seriously affect the consumer’s shopping experience.

in this context, the CPPCC National Committee, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holdings Group in the two sessions this year, the proposal proposed to encourage the development of cross-border electricity supplier O2O model, the construction of a convenient entity consumption scenarios. It is worth noting that this is the second consecutive year Jindong cross-border electricity supplier industry development suggestions.

O2O "cross-border business development model, both for the domestic consumer country can not enjoy the same products and services, and can promote the transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry, the overseas consumption at home, for domestic enterprises to increase revenue." Zhang Jindong said.

proposal first proposed to build the former store after the warehouse type of O2O business, to achieve the experience, take delivery one-stop function. The next line store public display, experience, service, select a number of platform of business entities, the bonded warehouse built in the store, the store warehouse as a bonded warehouse monitoring and management, realize the display, experience, sales, payment, namely buy namely multiple functions. At the same time, you can also use the physical platform security, credibility, online collection of personal information work, and gradually improve the cross-border electricity supplier business personal information system, optimize consumer cross-border shopping experience.


encourages innovation in customs clearance and port service forms, the trial network clearance". Customs and inspection and quarantine departments can jointly formulate the bonded area of the exhibition area of the overseas purchase shop / fast customs clearance mode, try to put the customs information system starting non bonded area of the exhibition shop / area, work to complete the clearance system through the Internet, to improve the efficiency of commodity circulation.

when the explosion in Japan in 2015 "buy" selected Popular Award ", when buying" foreign goods "has become an increasingly common phenomenon, the cross-border electricity supplier in this huge market is expanding, ocean mining. By landing more comprehensive test area, the next line store / area, cross-border electricity supplier O2O mode really pay >

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