CN domain name exceeded 6 million 700 thousand domestic registration this year, the first super COM

control of the 5 highest priority problem in the global Internet, and NIC of the operation and management of infrastructure related issues accounted for half, while the CN domain name is the core of mainstream contributions to the development of Internet governance. Held in Beijing on the "2007 Chinese Internet Conference, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) director Mao Wei analysis of the global Internet governance issues of concern.

, according to Mao Wei, the current CN domain name has exceeded 6 million 700 thousand in the global domain name in the country ranked second, the number of registered in 2007 for the first time more than the domestic COM domain name. Mao Wei predicts that in the next few years, CN domain names will exceed 10 million, leading edge will further increase. With the development of CN domain name, China’s information security and stability coefficient will also be upgraded, CN domain name is the mainstream of the development of the Internet governance contribution. (commissioning editor admin01)

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