Glasses electricity supplier Warby Parker dilemma consumer satisfaction, but it is difficult to do b


Warby CEO Neil Parker Blumenthal

recently well-known media, connection magazine published an article analysis, the United States glasses electricity supplier Warby Parker business model and problems, as follows:

as a Warby Parker user I really like this company. I love the design of glasses, with a medieval style slightly bookish; I also love it free postage delivery of 5 glasses, allows the user to select the mode; I also love it a reasonable price, generally no more than 100 dollars. At the same time its customer service is also very good, there will be no communication with the robot feeling, or even worse, trained as a robot customer service staff. The logistics mode of product design, good user experience, smart, will all together, as consumers I think, as a history of only four years of start-up companies, Warby Parker is really good, all the strategy seemed to be all right. But the only thing I worry about is whether it can stick to it?

this Tuesday, they once again announced a milepost type news, they will go to charity every pair sold glasses, they will donate another pair, donated to the charity VisionSpring, training the low income crowd eye test, while sales of low cost for optical products. Warby Parker said that so far, they have donated 1 million pairs of glasses. Co founder of the company and CEO Neil Blumenthal said that when the company was founded, they are very worried about its prospects, so the extent of development to this day, has exceeded their imagination.


although it has a good sense of social responsibility, but I had a suspicion of why it did so much. In fact, before Blumenthal started the company, he worked in VisionSpring, where he did a lot of research on the need for glasses. Blumenthal said, in fact, fashion is with your area, and whether you have money are not related. But I am more concerned about is, as a new enterprise, have what advantage in pricing above, how can the line pressure and pressure, so that the new enterprise can survive? For business, this is good or bad?

just took off for a startup company, Blumenthal is not very concerned about the specific figures they do behind the decision. As he puts it, the same question can be placed on other things, such as why we offer free shipping services

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