1688 help big name to do electricity supplier distribution first 3M pull into the water

news July 25th, 1688 days ago, Ali and 3M jointly announced that the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation, jointly launched the 1688 brand distribution cloud platform, and the platform for the establishment of the official brand 3M station, which is the 1688 platform’s first enterprises to set up brand station.

3M official brand website screenshot

public information, 3M is a global diversified technology company, founded in 1902, in order to make innovations, many products are known to the world, producing thousands of innovative products, medical products, highway safety, office supplies products, optical products such as the core market to occupy the leading position.

According to

2010, billion state power network to understand, 3M announced that settled in 1688, and the creation of 3M Alibaba official flagship store.

3M China Co., Ltd., vice president of industrial products, said Ding Hongyu, China is the largest branch of the 3M overseas market, traditional enterprises do electricity providers need a learning process. Many traditional companies in the past that the shop is online electricity supplier, but there are many things behind the electricity supplier does not understand the traditional enterprise."

Liu Fei, vice president and general manager of the cause of the cause of

Ali B2B division 1688, said the brand station is currently only the results of bilateral cooperation in the future, the two sides will explore new cooperation model. Meanwhile, the 1688 platform will also launch a similar cooperation with more brands.

Ali said, at present, has covered 1688 of raw materials, industrial products, clothing, department stores, Home Furnishing commodity 16 industry categories, from raw material procurement, production, wholesale and a series of service supply, but also for online and offline and all types of businesses, from the sea inside and outside manufacturers and wholesalers to purchase products channels. In addition, 3M settled, ABB, STANLEY, Ingersoll Rand will continue to login 1688 distribution platform.

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