User experience leading business model change

why should the user experience as a business model, assuming that the value of the product from 0 to 100 of the interval, then the user needs of the user experience also showed an increase in the equivalent. Scammers mostly must achieve success in "one hand, one hand delivery, otherwise it will slip. Similarly, the more there is no value of the product is no more moral type of marketing (such as exaggerated or distorted means) replace the real product experience, let the people to complete the virtual experience process as far as possible to perfect it in mind, TV shopping ads with such means. Right, the user experience is implanted into the business philosophy of the kernel, have not involved in marketing end execution, from the demand, grasp the product development, to the whole process of terminal system, customer service system of enterprises, will implement a user experience oriented spirit. The following five points better illustrates the user experience leading business model change:

one, concerned about the user, the integration of user

concerned about the user, the integration of users, always put the user experience in the first place. Many of our businesses do a lot of products, their own do not love, how can you convince your clients to use? Many complex functions to their learning may have to charge for a while, how can you let people under, so that a large number of Internet users quickly, so be sure to pay attention to user experience. You do the products find a street of the most ordinary Internet users, such as Sichuan University to a student, so he used to see, if ten students said the eight things you don’t work well, go back and change it, there is no doubt that this is not a good product, must pay attention to the user experience, and a an integrated user, if in the present age, you are only ten people, two people to start a business, very difficult, you must put the user into your co-founder, this is hard to do, but it is not too difficult to do By the way, that is to say, to design a business model, full respect for the user, so that they participate in, and you work together to create value.


, break through future

insight into the future, break the rules, we must look at the development trend in the future is what appearance, such as street, we should sign up to see, such as Google push out a series of services, what he is like, at least we see what, this is the insight into the future may develop some recently we see the most popular is the launch of Microsoft’s service, is to identify your actions, not Wii, that is to take his hand dangling to know you are playing golf or tennis, not now, using hand gestures can control the screen, now Lenovo pushed out of control screen, assuming a bird you are flying in the sky, the wings to fly back to the screen, follow your hand, this is a new application, the application of this new will be born in the market A large number of market opportunities, is now used in the game, now the killer class must be concerned about. The other is to break it down, you must break the original common ideas, bold dare to challenge the authority, "

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