Taobao guest new advertising upcoming

just got off the Taobao new advertising has been measured from the source, from the point of view of the new advertising advertising to launch may be published in the intelligent advertising promotion, to know the current format is 300× 250. After the launch of this new ad personally feel very suitable for some professional categories, industry categories, and portal sites to promote the use of, but mainly for traditional stations. New advertising is still very suitable for smart advertising promotion of the four major advantages.

advantage one: form more beautiful

supports all the Ali Mama advertising size, take flash billboard to show the form of picture carousel, show a diversity, increase the beauty of the page.

advantage two: easier to operate

ads to show the goods from the Taobao customer database in accordance with the quality of credit rating selection, without their own manual to pick a single product and the replacement of a single product code, once and for all.

advantage three: show more diverse

the use of graphic mixed form, you can get a higher click rate.

advantage four: the effect is more significant

click on the ad directly to the product page, can bring a higher conversion rate.

let’s first look at how the new ad looks like!

picture 1

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4

demo address: Pid=mm_10003502_0_0 if you want to immediately experience the advertising effect can read this article to teach you how to set up custom advertising to teach you how to set up a custom billboard.

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