China union exchange aimed at online shopping crevice

      when online shopping by Taobao, Dangdang and other network giant monopoly, the difficulty of establishing a new shopping network can be imagined. Because if you just build a shopping platform similar to Taobao, do not charge, then you can hardly find a profit point. And if the charge, with Taobao, why do users in your web site to do online shopping?" Ji’nan barter webmaster Li said that many Shandong shopping network is B2C, a special C2C shopping network is relatively small, but it also means that there is no new shopping network living space.

      Li Xin in the original Ji’nan business barter network today in September, launched a similar online shopping platform based on the original Li Xin website, the creative point is the "city of Taobao". Users can set up free shops, posted a message on the site, currently in the country has opened more than and 30 cooperation, including Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, other regions are China union exchange website to join in the hot. The advantage is that if the buyer is not sure of the quality of online items, he can go to the store to see, to buy. If the quality of the product purchased in the store is qualified, the next can be ordered directly on the Internet, the two sides that save time and costs, but also increase the confidence of Internet users online shopping.

      reporter saw on the website, there are three city Taobao payment: bank transfer transaction, Alipay and meet. Lee said, Alipay for his website provides free interface, which improves the reliability of online payment.

      city Taobao opened more than a month later, the registered user has reached more than 1 thousand.

      with a lot of shopping network, the same city of Li Xin Taobao also face profitability. "City Taobao is currently hanging in the online barter barter network, and the operation is very good, so the profit problem can not be considered temporary." However, Li Xin said that if the city does not have a good profit point Taobao, will be flooded in many shopping network. "Because I could not have Alipay as the trading platform, will not be able to accumulate funds."

      so when the user reaches a certain size, Li Xin is ready to offer personalized service for each user, "I can make a web page to separate registered businesses, using their own design and logo page, customers can publish their own information on the web page, can also release other advertising revenue for himself. I charge a certain fee per year. But the premise is that the site members must reach a certain size."

      Li said, Shandong C2C shopping network is part of the city as Taobao as the only trading platform, as well as part of the site did not.

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