Yang Fuhai how to e-mail marketing and promotion

In fact,

, email marketing online now has a lot of related articles, a few days ago also saw Lu Songsong wrote an article, but in spite of this, but they are only superficial, not deep. At least that’s how I feel, so today I think we need to talk about email marketing.

first, let’s look at the benefits and advantages of email marketing. One advantage, low cost. From the point of view of e-mail collection, the collection of e-mail is very simple, copy and paste, I will tell you how to collect e-mail. From a technical point of view, as long as the Internet will be sent to everyone, no technical staff, I do not have to say. Two, as long as the mail delivery accurate, customer conversion rate is very high, far more than other forms of marketing is much higher, according to statistics, more than 85% online retailers that e-mail marketing is the most effective, secondly to search engine marketing, again to affiliate marketing. Other ways of marketing not to mention. Therefore, this low cost, high conversion of e-mail marketing has become the most popular marketing method.

now we begin, to see how to make formal email marketing. E – mail marketing is divided into licensed e-mail marketing and non – licensing e-mail marketing trial, non – licensing e-mail marketing is often said that spam. A lot of experts and scholars are not in favor of the non license e-mail marketing, which involves a lot of content, such as word of mouth marketing, I will give you a word of mouth marketing when the analysis of the reasons. Personally, I am also in favor of licensing email marketing. But in the actual promotion, especially some of the new sites, had to use the non license to try e-mail marketing, a lot of time is also forced. Next, I’ll give you a separate email marketing and licensing email marketing. Friends who are not allowed to try e-mail marketing to see a friend between the bias to see the license test marketing on the line, there is a problem very welcome to discuss with me.

First of all, let us talk about the

Email test e-mail marketing, in fact, no matter what kind of e-mail marketing, nothing more than the collection of Email, write content, send the process of. Just in the course of the implementation of the different ways. Let’s take a look at the Email collection of non – licensed e-mail.

Email testing of non licensed email marketing has the following four ways.

is the first method, through search engines, there are a lot of software can search through a keyword, and then collected a lot of email everywhere to the txt file, you can use Baidu Search such software.

second methods, through the development of the site to collect, assuming that our site is to sell clothes, you can first collect some large clothing related forums and B2C such sites. Then through these sites to collect Email. Of course, there are two ways to collect this approach, the first one is through

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