ntroduce a local classification information website promotion

on the promotion of the local site, I believe we have heard done a lot, and I am the webmaster of the Handan information network, here I introduce a way I use the publicity.

let’s take a look at my plan:

save social resources, protect the ecological environment; enterprises with a piece of paper, the earth will be more than a tree; starry joint flyer, the 10 leaflets will be condensed to the 1, the same effect is reflected in the responsibility.

leaflet copies: 10 thousand leaflets specifications: 32K double-sided printing

amount of information: 12 per cost: 100 yuan RMB

place: City

put the way: all by the Handan information network is responsible for the launch, businesses can choose to put.

: fill the registration deadline issued.

cooperation process: before the registration deadline, the first appointment, and then notify the Handan information network booking unit to the company signed a cooperation agreement.


promotional leaflet intent:

front: advertising, address, telephone number.

back: Handan information network, Handan information network, a single promotional plan introduced, as well as the promotion of a single feature description (to businesses can be discounted, multiple discount card)

this is the ten thousand, is the first time I do, 600 printing design costs, then I run run the business, business is very positive (you can try, pay attention to skills, only 100 dollars). 10000 leaflets.

put it, find a part-time fee of 100 is enough.


free publicity and money, 1W Zhang, Zhang 2W, 10W printing costs are not exponentially growing. A period of a do down, more and more businesses that you know seriously is sure to bring effect on business, this is a cycle, more businesses are better looking, the propaganda way used in the extreme, your site will succeed.

can also be combined with the site, the establishment of discount cards and so on the site, combined with advertising and so on, which is a form of uncertain form, look at the great webmaster how to play.

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