The use of SkyDrive to get a lot of money flow

There are a lot of free SkyDrive

online, we can put our stuff up, there are a lot of SkyDrive is to share, you upload resources will get a link, you can share with your friends. But when it comes to sharing with friends, others will find you in some way. Let these people better find your resources to achieve the purpose of flow.

I do is a small station resources, the need to upload some marketing software for others to download, with interesting plate as an example, this is a SkyDrive home and I love the most, the upload speed is very fast, can download Thunder download faster. Interesting dish is a search function, the first day I uploaded more than and 100 software downloads, the day will soon come 150 so I think of the flow by using the method of SkyDrive. Here is my one-sided idea, has not done the test, first said to everybody listen.

first to my station, a webmaster resource station as an example to promote, then upload is the webmaster class marketing software. Compressed package in addition of software specifications, instructions add links to your web site, not only is the software, can be renamed instructions, said help with registration instructions, can be a text document, can be a hyperlink in others to download the software to open the document, you can guide us to webmaster, download the software itself is the focus on this type of human resources, to guide us on the station after the discovery are suitable for his content, may be the formation of back flow.

, of course, upload things need time, so we can upload fake things. What is the registration machine, very small, others have only one text file after opening, then he must look at the inside of the register to write the download address, of course, is their own website. We can go to upload a lot, do SEO, the SkyDrive search is equivalent to Baidu search keywords. At this time, the disc is in accordance with the latest time rankings, so we have to find our station we are most interested in people to search keywords as the file name, to attract traffic. Upload every day. Find a few more SkyDrive to search function.

of course, just wait for someone else to wait passively for the search, do promotion, of course, to take the initiative to attack. We can go to some of the software release forums. Such a lot of forums, a lot of people every day to Amoy software, of course, to find their own station and related software to download the potential site object.

above, every day to upload 5 SkyDrive SkyDrive keyword, each upload 100 text file compression package, assuming a 200 rate (SkyDrive keywords do well this is very easy, so 5) SkyDrive is 1000IP. To download the 20 categories of the forum released a small software, which has its own web site links, remember to adhere to the top of the stick after a period of time I believe that the site will have a certain group. And as the search for these SkyDrive and others through the forum included, the engine will be downloaded to the software that will come to your station. Hold on for a month, I >

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