The analysis of the network promotion method of the reason why the five bar young quickly became pop

recently, quickly became popular in the network "Young Pioneers municipal headquarters president" young, like a bomb, in the network of Warren exploded, for a moment, the reason why the overwhelming information crazy spread on the network? He is just an ordinary student, there are more than their peers in mature individual but that is not enough to so prosperous, analyze the reasons from some of the methods of network promotion, is not so mysterious.

first, let us look at the "five bars" juvenile incident

According to

China sound "center wide news" reported yesterday (2 days), a group of young pioneers "Captain" pictures of Wuhan city suddenly became popular on the Internet, the photo on the boy wearing a red scarf and "Young Pioneers municipal headquarters president" brand team, looked calm, attracted the attention of many users.

from yesterday, Wuhan’s five bar juvenile quickly became popular on the internet. According to media reports, the boy named Huang Yibo, 13 years old this year, is the first Wuhan a middle school student, the incumbent vice captain Chinese young pioneers in Wuhan city. Huang Yibo’s blog was launched in February 8th of this year, so far only released a blog and 2 album. May 1st years ago, the blog’s click rate is not high, but as of last night, 8, the blog has more than 900 thousand views, thousands of comments. Among them, a reading of the document Huang Yibo’s head and shoulders in the young pioneers team, to reach 30 thousand views, netizens comments. In this photo, Huang Yibo wearing a "Young Pioneers municipal headquarters president" Young Pioneers card, solemn, carefully reviewed the documents in hand. The netizen evaluation "is a fan", also the netizen said the child grows some "official", "some official text".

Huang Yibo’s deeds have been reported, according to their parents, the children began to look at the "news network" two or three years old, 7 years old started to read "people’s Daily" and "Reference News", now, Huang Yibo has been in the country’s major newspapers published more than and 100 articles. Moreover, young, who also covered the "national 100 excellent good boy", "Wuhan City, the first" ten magnitude aura of filial piety. Huang Yibo in his blog Bowen said, "is to express himself for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the prosperity of the Han and Tang’s self-cultivation, writing Jishianbang faith, tolerance, open-minded, ideal and ambition."

this, netizen "moon tea waste" said: it is the youth pure childhood, has been training in such a way, to imitate the adult tone to write articles, do not know is to blame society or parents blame the teacher. Some netizens also think the content of vague, suspected parents and teachers to write. Come to the blog onlookers friends, who hold a positive opinion of Huang Yibo also praised Huang Yibo ambitious, but most people say it is difficult to accept the official sample small adults". Someone pulls out of Huang Yibo’s previous news reports that there are third parents or from first to last for the packaging and hype traces.

secondly, let us from the network to promote the analysis of the "five bar" youth events have successfully used what methods, give us some enlightenment

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