On nternet marketing by psychological factors

recently there are two examples of fire, nervous cat game and WeChat head red circle, these two examples are the use of psychological factors of Internet marketing. Among them, the nervous cat is the use of game player "impetuous" and "strong" psychological game to attract users; "WeChat head red circle" is used in the WeChat picture top right corner with a "red circle" standard, allowing users to look similar unread messages feeling, plus sign avatar is significant, let a user most impressive, let have obsessive-compulsive disorder psychological WeChat users can click. These two examples can fire up to a certain extent, and human psychological factors, and these psychological characteristics are many modern people have the psychological, so are important factors which influence the marketing of Internet marketing. So, the user how to use psychological factors for Internet Marketing?

first, Internet marketing should focus on the psychological situation of different user groups. The psychology of different Internet users will vary with the age, we need to adopt different marketing strategies for different ages of psychology. For example, according to the CNNIC report, we can easily see the user groups China age proportion of Internet users, the proportion of young people will be relatively large, but the people of different ages, different industries and different degree of concern, then we should go to the careful analysis of some age user psychology, such as 80 and 90 users the user still has the psychological difference between the 80, 90, users will be more than 70 users love the pursuit of fashion personality, 70 user psychological more mature, so it should be according to the psychological characteristics of the users of different ages groups for differences in order to meet the needs of users of different ages in some Internet marketing activities.

secondly, Internet marketing should grasp the user’s psychological characteristics of consumption. Consumption has always been the ultimate goal of Internet marketing, Internet marketing, therefore, the user’s consumer psychology to learn more about. The user should understand the common consumer psychology in the marketing process, including convenient, personalized consumer, high cost and so on, to cater to the users in the Internet marketing in the process of the psychological, often can make the Internet marketing effort.

addition, Internet marketing should also focus on cultivating the user’s trust psychology. No matter what type of Internet marketing, only to allow users to trust enough to be successful. For example, a website for the pet information website, for the love of pet users, if you want to buy a pet or pet food website, if your marketing is not enough to give the user a sense of trust, love these pets crowd psychology will think site to buy pets and pet food may have unsafe factors. Because the line as the line is safe and reliable, the problem is not good for tracking. At the same time, users should also follow the psychological trust stage in Internet marketing has been strengthened, such as through the Internet marketing stage, the user has to have a certain degree of trust products, if there can be related to the protection of customer service in other sectors, it allows users to have long-term trust in products.


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