From Google to index Google Docs user files and thought

today in the Sina online to see a message "Google to index Google Docs user file" and thought about whether we can pass the Google Docs to publish articles propaganda, like a lot of people use bookmarks, bookmarks, blog, forums and even advertised to Google Docs advertising? Google Docs users will file GOOGLE and other search engine included whether this is a business or a publicity method? The webmaster can research.

Sina Original:

September 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Google Docs and users should pay attention to upload files, because these documents are likely to appear in the future of Google search results in.


last week in the official blog says: "in the next two weeks, we will be for users to upload documents to allow adjustment, indexed by search engines, which these files may appear in Google or other search engine search results."

of course, Google also stressed that the index is not the entire user documents, but chose the "web publishing" or "publish / embed" option for user documentation.

despite this, users still show a hint of concern. For example, how do users know which documents are indexed and which are not indexed.

of course, if you want to use this message, first you must go to the Google Docs build a number, to be familiar with the operation of the inside, Google Docs is the English interface, can play a role in the propaganda website, will be better propaganda effect on the English website, the need to research the webmaster.

is actually a lot of things to use website propaganda, forums, blogs, bookmarks, bookmarks, text, etc. you can even answer in your written on the wall characters, write on your website, a variety of methods, no matter what method good effect as long as it is a good way. I recently have a small always have no time to do publicity, also didn’t want to go with what method good publicity, but I think the method is different from most people may come directly effect.

summary, the webmaster every day in addition to update their website content, publicity site, more to understand the new information on the Internet is absolutely good, personal opinion.

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